Please send me your English name and Chinese
name if possible.  At least send me the Chinese
translation name if you can't input Chinese.  I will only
post your contact info on the directory with your
consent.  If you don't give me any consent, I will only
put your name on the directory and leave other field

Currently, the directory will only have Name, Contact
Info (Email and/or phone no.) and Location (which
city/country you are in) 3 fields, may expand later.  (If
you have a personal web site, you can give it to me as
well and I can link it to your name on the directory)

Please send me your info, Directory access request
and/or questions concerning this site to me:
Kunio Chan (陳國雄)

Please keep the directory access to SPCC 91 alumni
and to our former teachers only.
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